Boyesen 610 Power Reed

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Boyesen Power Reeds use a patented dual-stage fiberglass design for more airflow, more air velocity and more overall power. This item fits the following applications: 2000 Suzuki DS80, 1999 Suzuki DS80, 1998 Suzuki DS80, 1997 Suzuki DS80, 1996 Suzuki DS80, 1995 Suzuki DS80, 1994 Suzuki DS80, 1993 Suzuki DS80, 1992 Suzuki DS80, 1991 Suzuki DS80, 1990 Suzuki DS80, 1989 Suzuki DS80, 1988 Suzuki DS80, 1987 Suzuki DS80, 1986 Suzuki DS80, 1985 Suzuki RM80, 1985 Suzuki DS80, 1984 Suzuki RM80, 1984 Suzuki DS80, 1983 Suzuki RM80, 1983 Suzuki RM60, 1983 Suzuki DS80, 1982 Suzuki RM80, 1982 Suzuki RM60, 1982 Suzuki DS80, 1981 Suzuki RM80, 1981 Suzuki RM60, 1981 Suzuki DS80, 1980 Suzuki RM80, 1980 Suzuki RM50, 1980 Suzuki DS80, 1979 Suzuki RM80, 1979 Suzuki RM50, 1979 Suzuki DS80, 1978 Suzuki RM80, 1978 Suzuki RM50, 1978 Suzuki DS80, 1977 Suzuki RM80.

Technical Details

  • For: Suzuki DS80 all models; Suzuki JR80 all models; Suzuki RM50 all models; Suzuki RM60 1981-1983; Suzuki RM80 through 1985
  • Power reeds use a patented dual stage fiberglass design for more air flow, more air velocity and more power
  • The top reed is lightweight and resilient for crisp throttle response at partial throttle or low RPMs; the stiffer, bottom reed is ported to provide maximum flow and horsepower at higher RPMs
  • Longer overall life: Boyesen power reeds outlast all other aftermarket reed petals
  • Minor change gives major horsepower improvements and fuel economy

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