Brazilectro: Latin Flavoured Club Tunes 6

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Music is variety. Nowadays no one is bound to listen to only one certain style. Jazz, Pop, Electro, ethnic influenced music styles, these and much more opens the horizon of a cosmopolitan and well informed person. Rules regarding different styles of music are gone; everything is open, fruitful differences and a harmonic relation to all genres. The base material is flexible and has a lot of variety, the resources are inexhaustible... and here we are with Brazilectro Session 6, a mix of the best Brazilian rhythms with contemporary club culture. Summer is just around the corner and Audiopharm is presenting, just in time, Volume 6 of its successful series. Danceable and loungy, no matter if you enjoy the music in a club or in your own living room, it feels right and cozy. As usual, Brazilectro 6 compiles highlights from Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, England, Sweden, Italy, Germany and the US. Eight exclusive tracks from Soulsurfer, Moodorama, The Capoeira Twins, Petgroove, Groove Galaxi, Flamingo Star, Dr. Beatnick and The NonMaterial special remix, until now not available on CD, Maga Bo, Fort Knox, Five, Ikon, Mo’Horizons and the only in Japan released track Change of Da Lata. Twenty-six tracks, twenty-six well-known names; even the greatest esthetic will receive satisfaction.

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