Buenos Aires: Paris – Deuxieme


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as of 06/12/2021 (Details)

Following the notable impact of Volume 1, PMB returns from the challenge of researching and putting together a masterpiece to give us Buenos Aires - Paris 2, another fascinating compilation of the most outstanding songs and performers of the genre that has positioned itself in the global market for electronic music as one of the most original sounds of the 21 st century. In Buenos Aires - Paris we find artists that transcend the globe including Tanghotic, Narcotango, Tanghetto, Otros Aires, Federico Aubele (who released his discs through Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, the record label belonging to the always influential Thievery Corporation), as well as the addition of two Argentine standouts: Jaime Torres and the talented Amelita Baltar (the voice of various musical pieces composed by Astor Piazzolla), who present us with Frio Intenso, a song that is just as new as it is musically innovative. In order to crown this truly unique album we relied on the futuristic Bobe, led by Eduardo Rovira, an authentic member of the tango vanguard during the 60's and a legend to the true enthusiasts of today who are fascinated by the sounds and electricity of the instruments. Buenos Aires - Paris is the perfect anthology to feel the pulse of the sound that defines the 21st century.

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