Build the Perfect Survival Kit

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Your Kit, Your Survival When an unexpected emergency situation rears its ugly head, will you be up to the challenge? "I wasn't prepared for that!" will no longer be a valid response with the survival-kit-building methods in this book from survival expert John McCann. This fully revised and expanded second edition includes all new information for building bug out bags, get-home bags and vehicle kits that are fully customized to meet your family's specific survival needs. Inside you'll find: * Advice for building complete kits that include: fire and light sources, signaling equipment, water and food, shelter and protection, knives and tools, first aid items, and multi-purpose and miscellaneous gear. * Hundreds of detailed photos and gear description of essential kit components. * Sample packing lists for kits of all sizes and functions. * Survival tips and skills that prepare you for emergency survival situations. This book makes building the perfect kit a straightforward and manageable task--no matter what your activity. It is a must for anyone who ventures outside the home. Armed with the kit-building techniques found within, you will be prepared to survive!

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