Bunkhouse Built

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Whether you're a seasoned cowhand or a greenhorn dreaming of taking that first big pack trip, Bunkhouse Built: A Guide to Making Your Own Cowboy Gear is the book for you. Chockful of hand-drawn illustrations and step-by-step directions, this handy how-to covers just about everything a cowboy needs to do the job and do it right.Drawing on his own experience as a working cowboy as well as wisdom passed down from saddle-seasoned old-timers, Leif Videen covers the basics of outfitting yourself for traveling and working on a horse. With little more than a simple tool kit and some leather and rope, you ll be building all sorts of useful riding and personal gear, from headstalls and saddlebags to bedrolls and belt buckles. Learn how to picket your horse, pack a lead rope, tie a hitch on a load, and make a pair of leather chinks. Most importantly, feel the satisfaction of using gear you built yourself while stretching those hard-earned dollars.With twenty practical projects, tips on making knots and working with leather, an illustrated glossary, and a little cowboy lore, Bunkhouse Built is perfect for anyone who has a horse or just a love for the cowboy lifestyle.

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