C Crane CCRadio-2E Enhanced AM FM Weather and 2-Meter Ham Band (Titanium) CC2TE


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as of 01/21/2022 (Details)

The Premium Radio Designed for Long-Range AM Reception and Emergencies! Reception and audio are two reasons to own a better made portable radio. For over 10 years C. Crane's CCRadio line has had some of the best AM reception available in a radio. With the new CCRadio-2 Enhanced version, audio can be accurately tuned for realistic human voice. It can also be adjusted for good musical performance! FM reception is a full step up in its ability to bring in a weak station clearly. The CCRadio-2E Enhanced also has the weather band/alert along the 2-meter Ham band. The five memory buttons on top of the radio make it easier to change stations rather than front mounted buttons. The boost in AM performance comes from C. Crane's patented Twin-Coil FerriteĀ® AM Antenna. This technology can give a noticeable boost to weak AM signals under most circumstances. After you select a station, the CCRadio-2E evaluates the signal for several seconds and then locks it in for the best possible signal. The display features a full backlight and three levels of brightness and an "off" setting. The Weather Band, with a very loud alert, can keep you informed of any NOAA alerts. The 2-Meter Ham band may make the CCRadio-2E a life saver during an emergency. Two Meter Ham operators are early on the scene of an emergency and they donate their time while handling perhaps 90% of emergency coordination efforts. The CCRadio-2E makes it easy to hear the vital information they share by acting like a simple radio scanner, searching five programmable memories for Ham operator communications. The sensitivity (squelch) can be adjusted for best results. Features include: 5 one touch memory presets per band, adjustable display light, adjustable bass and treble, clock alarm, sleep timer, auto scan, stereo headphone jack, line-input jack, and line-output jack. Runs on included AC power cord or four (optional) "D" batteries. Weight: 4 lbs (without batteries) Size: 11" W x 6.5" H x 4" D.

Technical Details

  • Exceptional AM reception with Built in Twin-Coil Ferrite antenna
  • FM, Weather and 2 Meter Ham Band.
  • Life saving information in natural disasters like hurricanes come through on the 2-Meter Ham band
  • Get government issued alerts on the Weather band
  • Clock, Alarm, Sleep timer, Headphone jack, Display light and 5 one touch memory presets

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