Caffeine – DJ Micro Blend

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Caffeine is the name of an American techno record label. It's also a weekly rave party on the East Coast, a clothing line, and, finally, a banging compilation disc featuring DJ Micro and his funky friends. While the 11 cuts on Caffeine: The DJ Micro Blend showcase half a dozen artists, the collection holds together quite well. Harking back to the roots of Chicago house music and the days of disco divas wailing over insistent beats, Caffeine keeps in touch with the past while maintaining a solid, contemporary electro sound. Talented young mixologists like Micro, DJ Stew, John Debo, and Florida's DJ Icey dominate this collection with up-tempo rhythms, throbbing bass, spacy synthesizers, and jazzified breakbeats. This disc is strictly intended for the dance floor and should not disappoint techno enthusiasts. --Mitch Myers

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