Cat Litter MAT Catcher – Smartgrip Paw-Shaped Innovative Grass-Like Material Traps and Catches Litter While Remaining Soft On Paws – 1 Year warranty – 24 x 18


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as of 02/08/2023 (Details)

The Most Purrrrfect Cat Litter MatMost cat litter mats available on the market seem to always trade off between your happiness and that of your cat. This Jumbl paw-shaped mat is the ultimate cat litter mat for a variety of reasons, all of which come together to make both you and your furry friend happy. Most notably, our mat manages that perfect balance of trapping litter before it runs away with itself all around your home, while remaining soft, squishy and cushiony under your cat's paws. So go ahead: Throw out those old, rough, abrasive cat litter mats, and upgrade to the one mat that will have both of you purring in delight. Provides Comfort & Sure Footing The secret to our mat's effectiveness is the innovative weave and the superior materials used. As your cat kneads their paws and struts around the exceptionally comfortable surface, grass-like tufted fibers gently capture litter right off of them. When you place this mat right in front of your litter box, you'll prevent litter trails from forming throughout your home. In addition, the full bottom of the mat is lined with a grippy, non-slip backing that keeps it from sliding around - even if set on a slippery vinyl, tile or hardwood floor. This also provides sure footing for your cat for squatting and for getting back up. Serves 24/7. Cleans in just seconds. While cat litter mats are generally a utilitarian solution for keeping messes to a minimum, we've witnessed cats falling in love with the look and feel of our paw-shaped mat. Some owners even report their cats falling asleep - and sleeping well through the night - on it. So when you place your order, think of it like getting two products in one. And don't worry about keeping the mat clean: It actually cleans up faster than you can call 'kitty kitty'. With a simple shake or two, the Jumbl cat litter mat lets go of all the accumulated litter. Just be sure to do that over a toilet bowl or into a garbage bag.Measures 24 x 18

Technical Details

  • Cat Litter Mat Voted #1 Most Effective by Cat Owners All Across the United States
  • This Cat Litter Mat Virtually Eliminates the Spread of Litter Scatter By Gently Brushing Your Cat's Paws
  • Grass-Like Materia, Smartgrip, Shakes Clean Easier Than Any Other Cat Litter Mat on Market
  • Cat Litter Mat Full-Bottom Slip-Free Grip Backing Keeps Mat from Sliding, Even on Slippery Floors
  • Jumbl Cat Litter Mat is Made Out Of Tufted Fibers Are Thick, Soft & Flexible to Cushion Paws; Has No Bad Plastic Odors

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