Catching the Sky

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Family bonds and brotherly love shine in a poignant and exciting memoir as richly layered and emotionally complex as Into Thin Air and Friday Night Lights when, in the wake of the devastating freestyle snowmobile accident that killed his older brother Caleb at Aspen’s Winter X Games, Colten Moore returns to win gold.The infamous Moore brothers became legendary for their boundary-exploding athleticism and innovation on the burgeoning freestyle ATV and snowmobile circuits, winning competitions, scoring major endorsement deals, and garnering multitudes of fans. But it all began in the hot flatlands of the Texas panhandle, where the boys courageously and passionately pushed one another to test their limits as their parents marshaled their devout faith—and their modest resources—to support their sons unconditionally. In this vivid and page-turning narrative, Colten Moore offers a profound and deeply moving perspective on his life—and that of his brother—in a sport that he loves. It is a transcendent story that speaks to the better part of human nature. The Moore brothers remind us that we can dream and—through dedication and hard work—sometimes even achieve the impossible. We can face down our fears and push through pain and loss, and in the end, it is our devotion to those we love—and to what we believe in—that propels us to succeed.

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