Championship Tennis

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Step onto the court confident, focused, and prepared to dictate the match and dominate your opponent. In Championship Tennis, world-class coach and regular Grand Slam clinician Frank Giampaolo and long-time Tennis magazine editor Jon Levey bring you expert instruction and professional insights to eliminate unforced errors, increase winning percentage, and improve your overall game. Inside, you’ll learn how to • assess individual skills, evaluate practice sessions, and analyze performance; • identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement; • customize your training and conditioning to your skill set, experience, and style of play; • increase the consistency and accuracy of your shots; and • control your emotions and mentally prepare for every match. You’ll also find the most effective, unparalleled drills for mastering groundstrokes, serves, volleys, and specialty shots as well as invaluable advice for improving anticipatory skills and recognizing, neutralizing, and countering your competition’s strengths and playing styles. Add a copy of Championship Tennis to your bookshelf and turn errors into winners and three-set losses into straight-set wins. This is a must-have resource for players and instructors seeking to maximize potential as quickly as possible.

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