Child Cabinet Locks | Invisible Design Baby Proof Safety Locks for Cabinets | Easy Adhesive (3M) NO Tools Needed No Drilling Closet and Drawer Latches | 12 Pack! (White)


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as of 09/29/2022 (Details)

Is your little baby learning how to crawl and get around? Is you child getting a little curious about what's going on in the kitchen cabinets? Are you concerned about knifes or medicine that may be stored away in those cabinets or drawers? Or even just the mess that you will find when you walk into that kitchen? It's time to stop worrying and start sticking our easy to install cabinet locks right onto those cupboards, drawers and cabinets. ➤ These locks are EASY TO INSTALL, peel, stick and you're all done. It really doesn't get easier then that. You don't need to drill or screw anything. ➤ They DON'T NEED A KEY, so don't you worry about that key getting lost or even having to go running to get it every time you need something from your drawers. ➤ Our INVISIBLE DESIGN will keep your cabinets looking as good as before. ➤ With SUPER STRONG 3M adhesive stickers these locks can hold up to 25 lb of weight. With top quality plastic these locks will last you throughout your babies growth. ➤ Package Includes 12 Locks and 12 Buckles

Technical Details

  • 👶🏼 EASY AND CONVENIENT ➜ Our cabinet locks are so EASY TO INSTALL with no tools at all. Peel the film; stick it on and your all set. If your drawer has something to hook on to, you don't even need to stick on the buckles.
  • 👶🏼 NO KEY ➜ These safety locks for your child require NO KEY TO OPEN the locked cabinets. No worries about loosing keys.
  • 👶🏼 UNIVERSAL FIT ➜ Supplied with catch and latch, virtually ANY CABINET, DRAWER and CLOSET can be made baby safe. And your furniture will be left undamaged when it's time to remove the baby proofing.
  • 👶🏼 INVISIBLE DESIGN ➜ These locks are designed for the inside of drawers and cabinets which will not get your curious baby's attention or destroy the beauty of your furniture.
  • 👶🏼 PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT ➜ These make for a great baby shower GIFT or new baby present. New parents will be prepared when their infant begins crawling.

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