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Bring Four Million Years of the Past into the Present!Product InformationFour million years of dynasties and disasters travestiesand triumphs heroism and hedonism - witness the complete history of humankindas it happened!Enter the living past in Chronicle Encyclopedia of History the multimedia guideto world history that reports events 'as they happen'. Experience headline newsfrom the beginnings of time to the present day in over 3500 stories thatexplore world history in an immediate and enthralling environment. Comprehensivecoverage of political cultural and technological developments are accompaniedby top-quality video animation and sound.Relive history in this interactive collection!Product FeaturesHistory as it Happened!Relive events as they occur through the Chronicle of the World InteractiveNewspaper.For History Lovers of All Ages!14 timelines locate key events in a geographic and chronological at-a-glanceorder.French RevolutionVideos and articles provide an in-depth analysis of the events and peoplethat have influenced the course of history.Product Highlights Makes history accessible compelling and fun! With over 700 News Screens 3500 articles 12000 New in Brief stories 14 World in Focus features and 100 Biographies this is an encyclopedic information-base. The 3-D interface takes you into a living history of the world packed with multimedia features: Animated maps Sound & Video Photographs and rich artworks Powerful search facilities allow the user to follow subjects story by storyfind all instances of useful words throughout the product or simply browse atrandom. System Requirements Windows 98/Me or XP Double speed+ CD-ROM drive 41MB available on hard rive loudspeaker or headphones mouse  

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