Classical Guitar Christmas

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It's a little known fact that Silent Night was actually written for the guitar. On Christmas Eve, 1818, the organ in the little Bavarian town of Oberndorf broke down, putting the church's plans for Midnight Mass in jeopardy. Undaunted, the organist, Felix Gruber, and the parish priest, Joseph Mohr, put their talents together and wrote what has become one of the best-loved pieces of holiday music ever composed, Stille Nacht - Silent Night. They wrote for what they had available, voices and guitar. The result was, and is, magic. On this charming CD by guitarist Scott Kritzer we get to hear two versions of Silent Night, one for solo guitar, and one with guitar plus the lovely voice of Scott's duo partner, soprano Janet Chvatal, making a welcome guest appearance. What do we love most about Christmas? Is it the gifts? The lights? The church services? Maybe in essence it's the feeling. The quiet, centered, thankful, and hopeful feeling we get when we grant ourselves the time to get in touch with our inner selves and our loved-ones. Peace on Earth. Peace in our hearts, our homes, our communities. The classical guitar is an ideal instrument to evoke those feelings. It's quiet, it's gentle, it's intimate. It practically resonates peace, especially in the hands of an artist who can really play it. If you're looking for the perfect holiday recording to create a mood of timeless serenity, you've found it. We wish you a Merry Christmas! Robert McBride

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  • 18 Tracks of Amazing Classical Guitar Music

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