Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles: Heavy-Duty Riding Glasses No Foam Design w/ Hard Case, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Pouch Included


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as of 05/19/2022 (Details)

If you want to fully enjoy your ride, you can't afford to be without proper eye protection. These Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles create an impenetrable shield over the eyes to keep out bugs, wind, rain, road debris and dirt, so you can see clearly and comfortably mile after mile. Compared with other goggles on Amazon - The difference is as clear as our lenses. Our biker goggles stand out because they're: ★ NOT MADE WITH FOAM. Other motorcycle goggles feature foam padding that breaks down quickly. ★ MORE PROTECTIVE. Unlike other motorcycle riding glasses that leave gaps for debris to enter; ours hug your facial contours perfectly to keep even the wind out! ★ FAR MORE DURABLE. We make the frames out of the strongest thermoplastic polyurethane to reduce the risk of breakage while bending. These motorcycle goggles include scratch-resistant polycarbonate frames that outlast the competition. ★ DESIGNED WITH COMFORT IN MIND. Because our motorcycle riding goggles don't feature foam, they won't cause your eyeballs to feel hot and sweaty. While they form a tight seal, they don't leave unsightly red marks or rub against your skin. ★ FULLY ADJUSTABLE. Just pull the adjustable strap to make these goggles the perfect size for any bikers head or helmet size. ★ EASY TO CARRY. We include a protective carrying case and storage pouch with the motorcycle goggles; however, these clear goggles are durable enough to be slipped in your pocket without any protection. ★ MORE STYLISH. These goggles have a sleek and modern look that will have you cruising in style and comfort. Alternative uses include: ATV/ORV Goggles, Tactical, Paintball Goggles, Skiing and other Powersports Goggles. RIDE MORE: keep the dust, rain, and road junk out of your eyes so you can enjoy more of the open road. Order your set of Motorcycle Goggles before we run out today!

Technical Details

  • ★ A PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED ★ - Fully adjustable clear goggles can fit everyone from children to the biggest biker men with equal ease. Fit the strap around a 3/4 or FULL face helmet if you wear one. You can even insert prescription eyeglass lenses or sunglasses inserts inside them comfortably.
  • ★ LOOK YOUR BEST WHILE YOU RIDE AND BEYOND ★ - Sleek motorcycle goggles just cover the eyes, keeping the rest of your face exposed for a stylish look; Slotted vents prevent that red ring from forming on your face, so you'll look great when you take the motorcycle goggles off.
  • ★ COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR MAINTENANCE & CARE ★ - This Motorcycle riding goggles kit includes a microfiber cloth for cleaning, a microfiber pouch for storage and a protective hard side carrying case
  • ★ RELIABLE PROTECTION FOR YOUR EYES ★ - These motorcycle riding glasses feature a curved edge that flexes to fit your facial contours perfectly in order to keep out wind, dirt, rain and bugs and keep your eyes safe.
  • ★ MADE TO OUTLAST THE COMPETITION ★ - Our riding goggles aren't made from foam, so they won't fall apart after just a few wears like other motorcycle goggles; We use heavy-duty thermoplastic polyurethane frames and scratch-resistant lenses to make our clear goggles strong enough to be carried in your pocket or saddlebags without suffering wear and tear. Don't worry about sitting on them or crushing them in your pockets or saddlebags.

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