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as of 05/22/2022 (Details)

Product Name: Coffee MachineDelicious hot coffee if you want it with Andrew James Beans to the cup coffee machine. This digital machine is easy to use and can make 2 to 12 cups of fresh coffee at a time. The integrated grinder allows you to make freshly ground coffee using your own coffee beans without the need for a separate grinder. If you want to use pre-ground filter coffee instead of fresh beans, all you have to do is turn off the 'grinding' functionThe fully programmable timer means that when you come back from the morning jogging or are ready to come back from work, when you wake up, you can wait for you in the morning with the hottest fresh coffee. The coffee machine starts making coffee when you need it, without you being present. If you are delayed, don't worry, 30 minutes of warmth keeps you satisfiedLarge-capacity carafe allows you to provide plenty of coffee for everyone in your home or office. You can use it to refill the coffee machine, and the transparent window on the side allows you to see exactly how much water is in the machine. Once the kettle is removed from the can, the anti-drip function will stop dispensing the coffee, so you can pour into your first cup when the rest of the coffee is brewedLightweight and easy to carry, it can be easily placed in the bag when traveling outdoors, bringing you convenience

Technical Details

  • The box is the right size, like a suitcase, it's easy to store, hiking, giving you delicious coffee
  • Coffee machine parts can be disassembled and assembled for easy cleaning
  • The foamer is flexible and can be used in any style
  • Anti-drip filter basket bottom water blocker design, do not spill when drinking, easy to clean
  • Package includes: Y2 hand coffee machine + steel knife PP bottle + multi-purpose cup holder + brush + electronic scale + Q hand grinding + Q rocker arm + PC measuring cup + milk foamer

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