Collins German Pro Dictionary

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Based on the Collins lexicographical data base, this German - English bilingual dictionary contains more than 500,000 translations. This new version uses an alphabetical and approximate search simultaneously: you simply type the first few letters of the word you are looking for, and the program displays both the following entries in alphabetical order and a list of approximates (you can easily find misspelled words to correct typos). The display is in color: examples, translations, and different contexts each have their own color making it fast and easy to read the screen. The zoom option lets you see the text clearly. You may choose the interface language: English or German. The software can be activated by a hotkey that supplies the translation of the selected word. You may also obtain the translation by doing a simple Copy. The Pro version includes high quality text-to-speech for both languages. The Pro version includes both the Collins English Dictionary, 5th edition, and the Collins A-Z Thesaurus, 1st edition.

Technical Details

  • Based on Collins lexicographical data; uses an alphabetical and approximate search simultaneously; color coded display;
  • hotkey activated; simple copy and paste to obtain the translation; high quality text-to-speech for both languages;
  • includes a large Collins English dictionary and a large English

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