Color Coat Blue Mist Aerosol (SEM15213) Category: Auto Body Paints


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as of 04/17/2021 (Details)

Item #: SEM15213. Features & Benefits:Formulated to match, restore or change color on most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet and velourFade resistant, flexible and is a permanent coatingColor Coat is not a dyeOther Available Colors:SEM13023 Low Luster Clear AerosolSEM15003 Phantom White AerosolSEM15011 Landau Black GallonSEM15013 Landau Black AerosolSEM15023 Cordovan Brown AerosolSEM15033 Saddle Tan AerosolSEM15043 Shadow Blue AerosolSEM15053 Granite AerosolSEM15063 Burgundy AerosolSEM15083 Silver AerosolSEM15093 Light Buckskin AerosolSEM15103 Super White AerosolSEM15113 Firethorn Red AerosolSEM15123 Santa Fe AerosolSEM15133 Wedgewood Blue AerosolSEM15143 Sandstone AerosolSEM15163 Presidio AerosolSEM15173 Camel AerosolSEM15183 Warm Gray AerosolSEM15213 Blue Mist AerosolSEM15223 Castella AerosolSEM15233 Glass Black AerosoSEM15243 Satin Black AerosolSEM15253 Titanium Metallic AerosolSEM15273 Nap Red AerosolSEM15283 Pescadero Sand AerosolSEM15293 Tahoe Blue Metallic AerosolSEM15303 Graphite AerosolSEM15313 White AerosolSEM15323 Palomino AerosolSEM15353 Light Titanium AerosolSEM15363 Portola Red AerosolSEM15373 Flame Red AerosolSEM15393 Medium Gray AerosolSEM15413 Thomas Bud Gray AerosolSEM15423 Taupe AerosolSEM15433 Gloss Midnight Blue AerosolSEM15453 Gloss White AerosolSEM15463 Gloss Cabernet AerosolSEM15473 Thomas Green AerosolSEM15483 Bluebird Brown AerosolSEM15493 Bluebird Green AerosolSEM15541 Tinting White GallonSEM15603 Sailcloth White AerosolSEM15643 Pacific Blue

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