Complete Book Of Softball Drills: easy guide to perfect your softball skills (Fastpitch Softball Drills)

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Great practice drills for fastpitch softball players. This book has drills for base running, pitching, hitting, catching, and fielding. Brought to you by Gary Leland publisher of the Fastpitch Softball TV Network. Gary's teams won the 14 and under, and the 15 and under Texas USSSA State championships back to back. His teams came in fourth and fifth in the USSSA National Championships for 14 under, and 15 under. Now he shares some of the drills his team used while training his fastpitch softball team. It seems like a lifetime ago, but I still remember when I started coaching my daughters fastpitch softball team. I had played a little baseball growing up, and some slowpitch softball along the way too. I soon found out two things. One is that fastpitch softball was a sport of its own. While so many thing are the same. There are many thing that are different in fastpitch softball than baseball, or slowpitch softball. Two is that I knew nothing about coaching fastpitch softball players at all. Playing sports had not really taught me how to coach. One of the main things new coaches are looking for is information. This book is my attempt to provide another source for that information. While I admit I did not come up with these fastpitch softball drills. Many of them have probably been used for years, and years. What I did was find many of the great drills I used with my players while coaching. Then I wrote them in an easy to understand format. Trying to make them easy to learn and use. While this may be a guide for coaches to help their young players, this is also be a great resource for parents hoping to help their daughters become better fastpitch softball players.

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