Complete Massage Pack plus Free Relaxation Music CD (3 movie /1 CD) [Blu-ray]

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The Complete Massage Pack: Basic & Professional Massage Therapy version 2.0 Enhancaed Version Basic Massage Therapy This massage therapy instructional DVD teaches the techniques used by professional massage therapists in everything from Swedish massage to deep tissue and pressure point therapy. The video is narrated and demonstrated by a Registered Massage Therapist with years of training and professional experience. The DVD skillfully covers all the basic introductory massage techniques and shows some advanced maneuvers while providing all the tools necessary to learn the healing art of massage. This video is a great instructional device whether the intent is massaging for fun or pursuing massage therapy as a career. Healing power...Massage is an ancient form of healing, recognized and used for thousands of years to offer relief from pain, to restore good spirits, provide comfort, boost energy, and to rejuvenate muscles. You will be learning this ancient form of healing art with our Basic Massage Therapy DVD. Who doesn't love a good backrub? We all know that backrubs feel great, but do you know why? Sure, they relax your muscles, but they do more than that. They bring us into physical contact with another human being, and that itself, is a powerful experience. Add to that experience the trained, therapeutic touch of a massage therapist, and you have a potent tool for improving your physical, mental, and spiritual health.This video gives you the instruction you need to be that massage therapist and gives you all the tools you need to learn the healing touch of massage. This is great whether you intend to massage for fun or even if you want to pursue this as a career. Massage Therapy for Professionals This video is approximately one hour and thirty minutes long. It combines a live demonstration with verbal instruction and visual aids. The video also includes an extensive "white board" reference section which reviews the more advanced techniques and information in a clear and easy to understand manner. This video is jam-packed with knowledge about how to make you a better massage therapist. Get a peek behind the curtain of professional massage therapy. Professional Massage Therapy has long been a secret to the general public but now the secrets are revealed through this video. Our video class is taught by a massage therapist instructor with over 20 years of teaching who prepares massage students to take state certification tests. While each state has different certification or registration procedures for therapists, the principles and knowledge are the same no matter where you go. This video shows you what you've always wanted to know. See what up until now could only be seen by enrolling in a professional massage therapy school taking many months and several hundreds of dollars in fees. We bring the hidden techniques of massage therapy to you for use in the comfort of your own home. You can even watch this instructional video over and over again to improve and perfect on your massage therapy technique. The Massage for Professionals video starts where the Basic Massage video leaves off giving instruction on everything from strokes, techniques and pressure points to anatomy, physiology and muscle/bone structure. This video gives the viewer a great understanding of the physiological principles behind massage. With that understanding, the viewer can combine that knowledge with knowledge of basic techniques to be a very successful professional or someone who gives fantastic back rubs. So You Want To Be A Massage Therapist? v2.0 Secrets of Professional Massage Therapy Professional Massage Therapy has long been a secret to the general public but now the secrets are revealed through this video.

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