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Recipes designed for people with diabetesProduct InformationCook’n for Diabetes software provides you with six plete cookbooks on oneCD and over 1000 recipes from the American Diabetes Association - everythingyou need to prepare healthy balanced meals for people with special dietaryneeds. It's the ultimate diabetes software!The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is the nation’s leading nonprofithealth organization providing diabetes research information and advocacy. Diabetes means a change to healthier eating for you and your family. A varietyof foods a meal plan and cooking your own meals can help you eat - and feel -better every day.Use Cook'n to automatically create shopping lists from your menus withdata from 10000 food items.  Cook'n organizes your shopping list by storeaisle and makes grocery shopping a breeze.  Have ingredients in the fridgebut don't know what to make?  Tell Cook'n what items you have on hand andit will instantly suggest several delicious and nutritious recipes.Includes Quickly browse 1000+ recipes Analyze nutritional value of any recipe Satisfy dietary needs easily Enter & organize your own recipes Magic Menus Brand-Name Diabetic Meals in Minutes The Healthy Homestyle Cookbook The Complete Quick & Hearty Diabetic Cookbook Last Minute Meals Forbidden FoodsProduct HighlightsCook'n will: Search thousands of recipes in seconds--just tell it what you have on hand Adjust recipe serving sizes automatically Demonstrate preparation techniques with video clips Display hundreds of full-color food photos Organize your own recipes E-mail recipes to your friends Print your recipes on decorative 3x5 cards Create weekly menus Make grocery shopping lists Search the inter for coupons Analyze the nutritional value of your recipes Download recipes & shopping lists to your Palm Pilot!Recipe Manager: Organizing your family recipe collection in the puter is easy with Cook'n. You already k

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