Cook’n in China


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The recipes on the Cook'n in China CD come from the largest, most comprehensive Chinese cookbook ever published for the Western world with over 350,000 copies sold! Tastemaker Award winner Gloria Bley Miller distills centuries of Chinese recipes and techniques into concise and easy-to-follow directions that will enable any cook to produce dishes that please the eye, delight the palate, and suit the budget. With verve and wit, Miller tells you how to prepare everything from egg drop soup and drunken pork to sizzling rice and delicate wontons. There are 150 recipes for chicken alone, plus dozens of variations on pork dishes, vegetables, and noodles, as well as other Chinese favorites. Using Miller's recipes, ordinary meat and seafood become delicacies, while vegetables retain their color and texture. And Miller's delicious recipes are splendidly high in nutrients and low in calories. The Cook'n in China CD contains everything the cook needs to know about Chinese cooking, including how to: Use special Chinese cooking techniques such as steaming and stir-frying, Create unique seasonings and sauces, Substitute hard-to-find ingredients with those available in any supermarket, Plan menus suited to every time constraint, budget, and occasion.

Technical Details

  • Over 1000 recipes to make Chinese cooking easy
  • Tips from award winning author Gloria Miller
  • Enter and organize your own recipes

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