Cool Zingers 100 Watt Police Siren 5 Sound Emergency Vehicle Warning Speaker PA System Microphone 12v


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as of 01/23/2022 (Details)

Made and sold exclusively by Cool Zingers. This 100W Cool Zingers Siren can be heard blocks away with this loud 100 watt siren system. With 5 siren tones and PA microphone. This kit include a 100 watt speaker. Also included is a solid state microphone assembly for clear voice commands. This siren kit will work on any 12v System. Instructions included on the box. Installation instructions: Connect the RED wire to a 12v source (inline fuse included). Run the BLACK wire to a ground (or negative battery post). With very large vehicles, the installer may need to purchase additional wiring to elongate the wires. Typical install time is less than a 1 hour. Check your local laws; it may be illegal for this siren to be installed in unauthorized vehicles.

Technical Details

  • 100W Amplifier
  • Perfect for Security Vehicle-Emergency Responce Vehicles (ERV)
  • ABS Weather Proof 100w Speaker
  • Comes with pre-wired microphone with push to talk button.
  • 5 Siren Tones with P.A. Microphone

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