CRC 5089T Brakleen Brake Cleaner – 19 oz.


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as of 05/17/2021 (Details)

CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner is formulated to quickly and safely remove grease, oil brake fluid and other contaminants from brake linings, pads, drums and calipers and all other mechanical components. It is perfect for cleaning machinery, motors and general mechanical equipment when a vapor degreaser is required. Eliminates clutch slippage and is ideal for removing grease and contaminates from CV joints and wheel bearings and reduces maintenance cost. Protect all rubber parts and painted surfaces from overspray. Selected solvents, controlled evaporation, low surface tension and high density ensure superior cleaning and degreasing properties and can even lift and remove oil and grease that has already penetrated linings.

Technical Details

  • Residue free, prevents harmful build up and eliminates rinsing or wiping
  • Non-staining and non-corrosive
  • Safely settles and removes brakes dust
  • Superior cleaning and degreasing properties that have many uses beyond brakes
  • Cleans and degreases brake linings, drums, cylinders, brake shoes, disc brake pads, discs, wedge brakes, springs, calipers and clutch discs; also ideal for flushing away built up dirt, grease and oil

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