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as of 06/30/2022 (Details)

Now includes Choctaw encrypted email system - use public and private keys to secure your email. Includes Cypher utility, USB camera and PDA public key utility. The Cypher utility is designed to cypher and de-cypher any data file on a PC using key files or passwords. Key files are lock and unlock any selected data. Use passwords, light keys or even use any file to encrypt and secure your data. USB camera included. The PDA software application is designed to cypher and decypher any data file using PUBLIC Key files created by the user for public distribution. PDA creates an output file containing the selected data file cyphered with the public key. This allows users to exchange data in a secure manner. Product specs and manuals at

Technical Details

  • Encrypted Email and cypher security software
  • Windows PC Cypher creates Quantum keys using USB camera
  • Secures data files on your PC and makes light keys
  • PDA Public Data Application makes public keys for file exchange
  • Fully compatible with Android versions

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