Darc Productions Limited Movie Outline 2.0


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as of 03/28/2023 (Details)

Movie Outline 2.0 is an innovative step-outlining application for both amateur and professional screenwriters. Flexible scene reorganization and simultaneous reference allow simple cinematic story planning for successful movies of all genres. By streamlining the creation process of the entire outline structure, Movie Outline gives the screenwriter the space to think and view their story in a customizable color-coded visual manner while being able to work on individual scenes. Includes Reference Outlines & Analyses of Die Hard, Good Will Hunting, There's Something About Mary, True Romance, Scream & When Harry Met Sally. 200 MHz or higher Pentium/Celeron Compatible CPU VGA 1024x768 or higher monitor resolution Internet Connection for Product Activation Compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP

Technical Details

  • Reference Plugins - Simultaneous Comparison to Successful Movies
  • PowerView - Color-Coded View to Plan Your Screenplay Story Structure
  • SmartSearch - Keep Track of Characters, Plot Devices & Keywords
  • HTML Export - Color-Coded Web Page Creation & Integrated Viewer
  • Story Tasks - Helpful Notes & Ideas Management SystemSystem requirements -

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