DBPOWER Helmet-to-helmet Intercom Motorcycle Helmet

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Product Description: 1 New motorcycle intercom, integrated microphone and speaker design, two-way hands-free communication while between rider and passenger 2 Hands-free headset and junction box to connect the audio input 3 Voice Activation: allows the driver and passengers clear communication between 4 Drivers and passengers can talk to each other at the same time, listening to the radio, CD player or MP3 player 5 Speakers with adjustable ear piece, suitable for any open, flip-up or full-face helmet inside 6 Personalized independent volume control (driver and passenger) 7 This is not only a full-duplex communications system, you can also insert your personal audio devices to the control box and listen to music. When you speak, voice-activated microphones rewrite music. 8 Includes audio input cable is connected directly to the power supply. 9 including clip, easily into a pocket or clipped to a belt. 10 Can be connected to an iPod or other audio device to enjoy intercom 11 Clear sound, anti-interference, suitable for use in a noisy environment, 12.Organization design is reasonable, soft silicone skin, comfortable to wear. 13 Using the intrinsic environmental kevlar bulletproof material PU cable, strong and durable. 14. VOX / PTT switch is set for military, police, fire and other special occasions Product parameters: A motorcycle trip ideal noise reduction technology anti-erosion and water anti black/silver finish MP3 player connectivity options The compact sleek design Cable Length 97CM Microphone: Sensitivity: -32 dB, + /-2dB Impedance:

Technical Details

  • Free Replacement or Full Refund Within 60 days & 100% Satisfaction.
  • Adjustable ear piece for speaker
  • Can used to listen radio,CD and MP7
  • Enables simultaneous two-way communication
  • Hands-free communication between rider and passanger

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