Dear Mrs. Gray

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This is not just another story about overt heroism and life in the United States during World War II. Never before have the war years been portrayed in such intimate detail by those who lived through them. Enlightening and endearing, "Dear Mrs. Gray" relates the story of two ordinary people separated by war, but coping and contributing to the war effort in their own unique way. At age 41, Warren Gray owned and operated a successful bakery. On December 7, 1941, Warren, along with millions of other Americans, was jolted by a nightmare that would change his life forever. While Warren served his country with the Army, his wife Violet dutifully managed their affairs during tough economic times at home. From Warren's brushes with fame and reflections on life at Camp Wolters, to Violet's stories of survival on the home front, their love and devotion to each other never falters. This fictionalized version of a true story compels us to rethink our notions of what it means to be patriotic and forces the reader to experience the sacrifices citizens of this country made for the freedom we enjoy today. This simple, hard-working couple expressed every human emotion during those challenging years and you will be drawn into their account with each succeeding letter.

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