Delkevic US KIT0382 Kawasaki Ninja 300 9″ Oval Carbon Muffler


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as of 11/27/2022 (Details)

Delkevic Mufflers are handcrafted from the highest quality materials to enhance your motorcycle in both performance and looks. We guarantee to improve your riding experience at an unbeatable price.

Technical Details

  • Kawasaki Ninja 300 2013-2016
  • DS70 Mufflers are made from a pre-formed composite carbon fiber sleeve and high grade 304 Stainless Steel. They have a big 2 3/4 inch (70mm) outlet and are short, open, crisp and LOUD with the baffle removed, but with neighborhood friendly "db" levels with the baffle in place.
  • This set includes, Delkevic Mufflers with removable baffles, link pipes, straps, and clamps.
  • No rejetting or remapping is required after fitment however we always recommend a dyno test after fitting replacement parts to your motorcycle.
  • The weight of the Muffler is 2.76 lbs.

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