DFDM National License Plate Frame Stainless Steel Kit, 4 Hole Frame Holder Standard Screw Covers


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as of 05/28/2023 (Details)

4 Hole License Plate Frame with STANDARD SCREW COVERS This frame is the 4 hole variant. It includes our standard screw covers. These covers complete the frames look and provide basic protection. They are much easier to remove than our anti-theft screw cover variation. Why choose this license plate frame kit?• Our purpose - An extremely high quality item with lasting durability and affordable cost, we went the whole 9 yards on that. Our frame is made of the same steel performance aftermarket makers such as Flowmaster, Borla, Magnaflow use in their products. • Running our garage for years, one thing that we noticed frequently is the license plate frames that have either faded, rusted, tarnished or simply were dealership frames making our client's car a mobile advertising board for the dealer. Get rid of those ugly dealer frames! • We use such high quality steel because of CORROSION RESISTANCE. It has excellent resistance to a wide range of atmospheric, chemical, petroleum, and environmental exposures. Also OXIDATION RESISTANCE the maximum temperature to which this frame can be exposed continuously without appreciable scaling is about 1650F. Admittedly we may be over engineering the frame. We clearly don't expect you will be driving your vehicle around in 1650 degrees weather anytime soon! But just to be sure - Don't try that at home. Additional Comments and Discounts:• Each frame comes with a lifetime refund or replacement guarantee. You may return the frame for a full replacement or refund no questions asked. • When you purchase 2 frames you save 5% Purchase 4 or more frames save 10% off the entire order!

Technical Details

  • Custom made 4 hole premium high polished SAE 304 stainless steel license plate frame, screws, and special SAE 304 stainless steel standard style screw covers. This kit provides a gorgeous and sleek finish to any vehicle while complying with state laws regarding frames that obstruct view of the words or registration on your license plate. This kit aggressively resists heavy duty chemical, petrochemical, acidic and environmental contaminants.
  • Use these on your CAR, TRUCK, SUV, RV or even your trailer! (Count on this frame keeping that license plate from bending when dropping the boat for some R&R)! The product has a high polished chrome-plated like finish. However all contents of the kit are 100% automotive grade SAE 304 stainless steel. (Wont degrade like the other frames you will see online that are zinc oxide chrome plated or simply plated ABS plastic)
  • Includes our beautiful standard style stainless steel license plate screw covers. They are designed to be removed semi easily and provide an aesthetic modern finish to your frame. If you want more security against theft - view our anti-theft version of this product.
  • This license plate holder will not rust, if you get extreme concentrations of salt and leave it on the frame for a very long period of time surface staining may occur (it can still be buffed out). Just splash a little fresh water on this license plate cover when you pull the boat out of the water you will have no problems!
  • We are committed to you and this frame. We provide a lifetime warranty. Any defects or failure of this frame to meet expectations we back with a 100% replace or refund guarantee. You are our valued customers and we will always take care of you. Also as an added thank you buy 2 SAVE 5% buy 4 and SAVE 10% off the entire order!!

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