Dike Temporary Radiator Stop Leak


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as of 04/17/2021 (Details)

Dike temporarily seals small leaks in coolant systems. A leak in a coolant system can lead to serious problems, such as overheating or engine failure. Antifreeze that leaks into the engine can form sludge that can plug oil passages and cause engine parts to perform poorly. Even small amounts of antifreeze can reduce the lubricating ability of engine oils. Dike can be used in a preventative measure or as solution to coolant system leaks. Dike can be used in any vehicle or equipment that has a cooling system. Pour one can of Dike into radiator. Replace radiator cap and run engine for at least 15 minutes. For cooling systems larger than four gallons, add four ounces of Dike for each additional gallon of coolants.

Technical Details

  • Stops leaks in radiators in seconds
  • Seals internal leaks, preventing antifreeze and water from seeping into engine
  • Helps gaskets seal better
  • Will not block small passages in coolant system
  • works with all standard and permanent antifreezes

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