Disk Drive Cloning Tools on CD – Hard Drive Backup and Imaging Tools for the PC


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as of 12/01/2021 (Details)

What is the Disk Cloning Tools CD? ---------------------------------------------- The Disk Cloning Tools CD is a collection of highly specialized Linux distributions assembled on a bootable CD-ROM for cloning/imaging hard drives and partitions. Please Note: This is NOT a Windows boot disc, and does not use any MS Windows technology or software to perform its tasks. IT WILL however, allow you to perform full cloning/imaging tasks, as well as backup and restore Windows and Linux installations. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out cloning, imaging and backup/restore tasks on your computer. It comes with a massive collection of useful Linux-based tools Can be used for both Linux and windows computers, and on desktops and servers. Requires no installation as it can be booted from a CD/DVD drive. Supports all important file systems (ext2/ext3/ext4, reiserfs, btrfs, xfs, jfs, vfat, ntfs), as well as network filesystems (samba and nfs). Included on the CD: Parted Magic - A powerful collection of tools fore use in creating, modifying and deleting partitions, backing up and restoring data, cloning hard drives and partitions, etc.. Clonezilla - A straightforward method of cloning and imaging hard drives. ReDo Backup and Recovery - A simple and powerful Backup and Recovery tool that's as simple as One-click! Mini-Tool Partition Editor - An elegant partition manager and backup/restore tool. PING - A full-featured Ghost clone, capable of full drive cloning ...and more...

Technical Details

  • The Disk Cloning Tools CD is a bootable CD loaded with tons of tools and applications for Cloning / Imaging, Backing up, and Restoring hard drives and partitions
  • With the Disck Cloning Tools CD, you can repartition hard drives, Perform full system cloning/imaging, Backup and Restore entire drives or partitions
  • Its ability to automatically connect to most kinds of networks make it quick and easy to backup and recover to a network connected server or drive
  • Capable of accessing Windows shared file systems over the network (Samba)
  • Detects nearly all modern file systems, including Windows NTFS, FAT, FAT32, ext2/ext3/ext4, reiserfs, btrfs, xfs, etc..

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