Disney Classics: You Can Fly with Tinkerbell – PC/Mac


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as of 04/22/2021 (Details)

Play 16 action-packed games that could only happen in Never Land. Peter Pan has hidden Captain Hook's treasure and is holding a contest to see who can find it first. Explore five exciting locations to claim all the pieces of the Treasure Map and the gold is yours!

Technical Details

  • Explore 5 exciting locations
  • Join Tinker Bell in a fantastic adventure to win Captain Hook's treasure from Peter Pan
  • Solve puzzles and master action-based flying games in order to win pieces of the Treasure Map. Locate all the pieces of the Treasure Map and Tinker Bell will fly to the location and claim the bounty
  • She's fun feisty and she can fly. With Tinker Bell on your side you can fly too

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