DMV Clip – 6 Windshield Muni-meter Parking Ticket Holder Clips


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as of 12/02/2023 (Details)

DMV Clip is an easy to use transparent clip that allows you to prominently display your parking receipt, by adhering to your windshield and firmly holding on to your ticket. Easy to Install - Simply Peel and Stick Better Visibility - Displays Parking Receipt Against Windshield Clip Holds Muni-Meter Receipts - Prevents Blow Away Receipts! Prevent Parking Violations - Due to Improperly Displayed Receipts! Effortlessly Place Parking Receipt Inside Vehicle

Technical Details

  • Keep your parking receipts visible to attendant
  • Easily installs on your windshield
  • Meter receipts stay in place
  • DMV Clip works nationwide with any size parking receipt

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