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as of 11/30/2022 (Details)

Vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin, is primarily known for its role in regulating blood coagulation. Vitamin K is required for the activity of specialized proteins that control blood clotting (Coagulation factors II, VII, IX) in a series of metabolic steps known as the coagulation cascade. The daily intake of vitamin K recommended by the National Academy of Sciences1 is based on the amount needed for biosynthesis of these clotting factors in the liver.

Technical Details

  • MK-7 featuring MenaQ7 (higher potency) provides the superior form of vitamin K for optimum bioavailability and delivery to the body
  • Vitamin K is a family of fat-soluble vitamins with similar chemical structures but different metabolic properties
  • K2 is absorbed more completely, remains in the body longer and delivers more benefits for bones

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