Dog Water Bowl 5.0 Gallons By Critter Concepts,Automatic Dog Water Fountain with a Lifetime Warranty


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as of 02/08/2023 (Details)

Dog Water Dispenser 5.0 Gallons by Critter Concepts is an Automatic, Gravity Feed Dog Waterer . This large capacity water dispenser is easy to fill because it fills from the top. No need to lift and invert a heavy plastic jug. And it is easy to move, rolling on 3 inch locking wheels. Child and senior friendly you can just roll the Critter Cooler to the water source, fill, and roll back out to the dog run, porch or yard. Includes FDA approved, food grade containers made in the USA with no BPA. The top lip of the 48 ounce raised bowl sits 7 inches off the ground. And there is even a little yellow drain plug so you can quickly empty, clean and re-fresh a drooly bowl which is not only practical but saves water. And we all know how vital clean water is for the health of our four legged family. You can clean every inch of the Critter Cooler, there is no place for bacteria to hide. Use soapy water, wipe and rinse for a quick clean. You alpha dogs may choose a more meticulous cleaning method and disassemble all the parts which are dishwasher safe. Does it get warm where you live? Here is an idea. Freeze a gallon jug of water and drop it into the Critter Cooler like a big ice cube. It keeps the water cool, dogs will love you and it also inhibits algae growth. And when it gets really hot, consider the optional Chiller Cover. This is an optional thermal cover that insulates the container, reflects the sun's rays and multiplies sun protection. Are you RVing with dogs? No tools are needed to assemble the Critter Cooler, it can be ready in less than 5 minutes and disassembles and packs just as quick for pets on the go to the park, event or show. Doggie Daycare tested and virtually indestructible, since 2006, the Critter Concepts Automatic Water Bowl has become popular with kennels, daycares, rescues and dog people and now it is available on Amazon .

Technical Details

  • Dog Water Dispenser in, 3.5, 5.0 and 6.5 gallon sizes
  • Dog rescue and daycare tested and approved.
  • Rolls on 3 inch locking wheels, easy to use for kids and seniors
  • Easy to clean with FDA approved, food grade water container
  • Virtually indestructible, Lifetime Warranty

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