Dogfriendly.Com’s United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide: Dog-Friendly Accommodations, Beaches, Public Transportation, National Parks, Attractions


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DogFriendly is used by millions of people annually for pet travel information. This latest version of the winner of ForeWord Magazine's Pet Book of the Year lists over 20,000 pet-friendly places including hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, attractions, outdoor restaurants, shopping centers, beaches and off-leash parks in all of the United States and Canada. Also included are airline options, public transportation systems, ferries, emergency vets and National Park pet information. Completely Revised and Updated From the Last Edition. Whether you have one or more dogs, or your dog can be carried or weighs over 80 pounds, this 774 page travel guide is the all-inclusive guide to everything dog travel in the U.S. and Canada. This 4th Edition includes:- Dog-Friendly Accommodations, including Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Rentals and B&Bs throughout the United States and Canada. Most listed places allow dogs of at least 50 pounds to 85 pounds and allow dogs in non-smoking rooms. Many allow multiple dogs in a room.- Dog-Friendly Beaches throughout the United States and Canada. Information includes any restrictions, leash policies and limited hours or seasons where dogs are allowed.- Transportation Guides with dog-friendly U.S. and Canadian planes, buses, trains, ferries and more.- U.S. National Park Guides to the pet policies and the best places to bring your pets in the parks.- Dog-Friendly Attractions including Historical Sites, Visitor Sites, City Tours (walking, boat, bus or horse and carriage), wineries, museums and more...- Dog-Friendly Outdoor Restaurants where you may dine with your dog. Take your dog to the restaurant rather than ordering in every meal.- Off-leash dog parks, dog runs, and areas which allow your dog to run free. Lists restrictions and hours.- Just in case... Emergency veterinarians throughout the U.S. and Canada.- Airline options and policies for transporting dogs on airlines.- Special road trip sections like "Preparation for a Road Trip" and "Etiquette for the Traveling Dog."- Many more places listed than in previous editions.

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