Don’t Just Try…Train!

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If you wanted to run a marathon, how would you go about it? You could go out and start the race, but what are the chances you would finish? It wouldn't matter how hard you tried... you would most likely fail. A running coach would say to you, Don't just try... train! Run one mile a day for a week, then two, then three... six months from now, you'll be ready to run a marathon. Sometimes in a moment of inspiration we resolve to run a spiritual marathon. We go out and try our hardest, but we fail and become discouraged. At these moments God wants to say, Your efforts were noble, but there is something missing. Don't just try... train. As human beings we are capable of almost anything we approach with the little-by-little attitude. In this audio program, Matthew Kelly emphasizes the importance of spiritual training and places it in the context of our everyday lives. Inspiring, yet practical, Kelly offers a life-changing message and a valuable training partner for life's spiritual marathon. Encouraging young and old to adopt a program of spiritual discipline, Kelly insists, If you want your future to be different from your past, you have to change your habits.

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