Dr. Beasley’s P22T32 Pre-Wax Prep – 32 oz.


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as of 03/22/2023 (Details)

Applying Pre-Wax Prep is an important first step to take when waxing your car. This paint cleaner removes dead, oxidized paint, light to moderate scratches, road film, and tar from your paint allowing for a smooth surface ready to bond with a wax or paint sealant. Its non-abrasive formula makes it a great alternative to a clay bar when you don't need to polish. Order Pre-Wax Prep now and get the most out of your wax. If you're like us, you want to get the absolute best results from your wax. This means making sure the surface is properly prepared. Many people simply wash their car and immediately apply a hand wax. Unfortunately, washing won't remove embedded debris and other impurities which impede the bonding process between the paint surface and wax. Pre-Wax Prep removes this contamination and takes out fine scratches, making sure that you have a smooth surface, ready for waxing. Pre-Wax Prep has a non-abrasive formula, making it an amazing alternative to clay. Clay is an abrasive which can actually create very fine scratches and marks in the paint. If you plan on polishing your car claying is a necessity for surface preparation but it's really overkill if you just want a great looking coat of wax. That's where a great paint cleaner, like Pre-Wax Prep, comes in. Directions: Shake well. Apply Pre-Wax Prep paint cleanser to a clean, microfiber applicator. Using a back and forth motion, spread a thin layer evenly over a small area. Allow to cure on the surface. Wipe the surface using a microfiber towel, then polish with microfiber to produce a high gloss finish. Do not apply in direct sunlight or to a hot surface. For maximum results, follow with Premium Paint Sealant and Ivory Carnauba Wax. Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

Technical Details

  • Removes oxidation, water spots, and acid rain etching
  • Eliminates light scratches
  • Ensures maximum bonding for a long lasting wax
  • Enhances wax aesthetic for a deeper shine

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