Dr. Beasley’s P24T12 Smoothing Polish – 12 oz.


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as of 06/06/2023 (Details)

Smoothing Polish is a hand polish perfect for removing scratches from problem areas on your car such as underneath door handles and around the gas tank. Its diminishing abrasive technology makes it safe for use on even delicate and antique paint finishes. This high gloss hand polish smoothens the paint surface without cutting the paint, making it a perfect addition to our Paintwork Preservation Line. Buy now and eliminate those pesky surface scratches. What Makes This Product Unique? 1. Most car polishes out there cut deep into the top level of clear coat to remove scratches. But oftentimes you want to preserve the integrity of the paint while still removing scratches. That's where Smoothing Polish comes in. Instead of aggressively cutting into the clear coat, this hand polish rounds the edges of scratches while also filling them in. This makes scratches completely unnoticeable, but doesn't remove any paint, making this product a great alternative to more aggressive polishes and compounds. 2. Smoothing Polish was formulated with diminishing abrasive technology. It contains fine abrasives that break down as you work the polish into the paint. This means that you can't cause damage to the paint surface by over polishing, because the polish will become less and less gritty as you use it. For the best shine possible follow with a glaze and finish with a wax. Although recommended for hand polishing, Smoothing Polish can be safely used with a machine buffer.

Technical Details

  • Leaves behind a wonderful gloss ready for glazing or waxing
  • Removes light surface scratches
  • Safe for use on delicate and antique paint finishes

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