Dr. Beasley’s P25T12 Finishing Glaze – 12 oz.


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as of 07/13/2024 (Details)

Finishing Glaze is the perfect last touch when polishing your car. It contains paintwork gloss enhancers which restore the original luster to your vehicle. Finishing Glaze is a sort of "missing step" in the polishing process. Professional detailers use glaze to enhance paintwork before waxing, and you can achieve the same results they do with this product. Buy Finishing Glaze today to achieve the best gloss possible. Have you ever spent a day polishing, buffing, and waxing your car only to find that you aren't thrilled with the results? No doubt your car looks a lot better than it did when you started, but maybe you wish it could look even better. We're here to tell you that it can. With the introduction of Finishing Glaze to your polishing process you'll be bringing out the best in your car's paint. We have tons of professional detailing experience here at Dr. Beasley's so we know all the little tricks and techniques to use to get a car looking its absolute best. One of the best ones we know that many at-home detailers don't is that using a glaze before waxing is absolutely key in ensuring the best possible gloss on your vehicle. Finishing Glaze isn't a polish or wax, but rather an in-between step which maximizes the potential of your car's paint for a deep, clear, wet looking shine. When detailing a car, Finishing Glaze is our secret weapon to blow people away with the depth and clarity of the paint finish. Whether the cars we use this product on are winning awards at car shows or simply being driven around the city, the brilliant shine imparted by Finishing Glaze never fails to impress.

Technical Details

  • Leaves behind an incredible shine
  • Non-abrasive formula perfect for finishing any polishing process
  • Fills in any remaining scratches for an incredibly smooth surface, ready for waxing

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