Dr. Beasley’s S12T12 Intensive Brake Dust Remover – 12 oz.


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as of 04/10/2021 (Details)

Brake dust leaves an unsightly film on your wheels, and can also do harm by eating through painted clear coats and causing etching to your wheels. Standard wheel cleaners are usually too weak and too thin to eliminate brake dust, but Intensive Brake Dust Remover is formulated to cure that problem safely and effectively using its gel-based technology. If you're looking for a brake dust remover that allows for less product waste and more effective cleaning, you've found it here. Intensive Brake Dust Remover was formulated to enhance the way we remove tough brake dust from wheels. With more and more wheels on the road, and braking technology on the rise, we formulated Intensive Brake Dust Remover to combat even the toughest of jobs, such as BMW's and Audi's which tend to experience some of the worst brake dust problems due to high braking temperatures. This product utilizes a technologically advanced, gel-based formula that limits the amount of chemical run-off when cleaning your wheels. This is beneficial to any wheel detail because you can clean for longer while consciously knowing you're not negatively impacting the environment. Unlike competing products, we took Intensive Brake Dust Remover to another level and made our formula readily biodegradable so that you can rest assured that you're doing no harm to the environment. For conscious, smart, and expert wheel care, Intensive Brake Dust Remover is perfect for the toughest cleaning, guaranteed. Directions: Shake well. Spray directly onto the wheel from the bottom up, preventing drip marks. Clean immediately with brush or sponge. Rinse with water. For excessively dirty wheels, agitate surface with a sponge or soft cloth before rinsing. For maximum results, follow with our Exterior pH Neutralizer, then protect with Wheel Seal. Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

Technical Details

  • Safely removes brake dust from wheels
  • Safe for use on all finishes such as chrome & aluminum
  • Helps fight effects of etching and corrosion

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