DragStrip 3.7


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as of 06/30/2022 (Details)

DragStrip is a clever, customizable application and file-launcher utility for both Windows and Mac OS. There are two kinds of floating strips to use: one for running applications and one for aliases of files and applications organized by tabs that you name. Say, for instance, you are working on a budget report and frequently refer back to Quicken 2000, two Excel spreadsheets, and a Word document. You can add aliases for each of these items under a single tab you name "Budget Report" and create any number of tabs and combinations of files under them. DragStrip effectively lets you organize files you are using in any combination. If your machine has multiple users, each user can set up a personalized start-up menu with DragStrip, as well. Windows users will love bypassing confusing file hierarchies and the Start menu altogether; Mac users will find this a good replacement for Launcher--and it's fully scriptable with AppleScript, to boot. --Erik Macki

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