Dreaming of Ponies Relaxation CD (AGES 4-9): Childrens relaxation bedtime CD uses guided meditations to help kids relax, go to sleep at bedtime, sleep well, and wake up in a better mood! Children also learn relaxation techniques to cope with stress.


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1. Dreaming of Ponies - A Relaxation Story for Bedtime In this guided meditation story, children are led on a relaxing adventure with a pony friend as they are gently guided through age-appropriate relaxation exercises. While listening to this bedtime story, children relax and go to sleep thinking happy thoughts. Set to relaxing classical guitar music with crickets chirping gently in the background. This guided meditation also features two peaceful relaxation songs: Riding My Pony and Bed Down Pony. 2. Calm Breathing and other Relaxation Exercises In this guided meditation, children are gently guided through age-appropriate relaxation techniques in terms that are easy to understand and remember. These clinically-proven strategies help children relax, fall asleep, and activate the body s natural healing process. These relaxation strategies also help children sleep through the night (with less night terrors and nightmares) and wake up in a better mood. Your child also learns to use these relaxation techniques to relax and cope with stress during the day! This story is set to Pamela's Paradise. 3. BONUS TRACK: Pamela's Paradise - Instrumental Relaxation Music Use this track to relax or enhance your meditation practice. - if you are looking for music to help you relax or meditate, this is the track for you! Originally developed as background relaxation music, this selection is so popular we are offering it as a separate instrumental track. Listeners are lulled into a gentle state of relaxation by this soothing instrumental featuring strings, flutes, and gentle waves. This music incorporates other relaxation components (such as rhythm entrainment) clinically proven to help listeners relax.

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