Drift Innovation HD Ghost Digital Video Camera Camcorder


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as of 10/28/2021 (Details)

Drift Innovation HD Ghost Wi-Fi Waterproof Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder View larger Live outside the box Building upon a phenomenal feature set, which includes an industry-first two-way LED remote control with on/off indicator light, video recording/tagging capabilities in continuous loop mode, and an integrated 2-inch Corning Gorilla Glass LCD screen, the Drift HD Ghost is one of the best all-in-one solution on the market. Intuitive,easy to use & full of features Unlike other point of view cameras that require aftermarket accessories and peripherals for functionality, the Drift HD Ghost includes everything action sports enthusiasts need to capture professional quality video immediately. Plus, the intuitive interface is easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to set up, so users everywhere can begin recording moments after opening the box. Innovative recording modes Ever heard of the clone mode? This feature allows you to simultaneously record across multiple cameras (up to 5) sharing the same Wi-Fi network. Using this mode, a "Master-Camera" sends every change in recording or setting to its "Slave-Cameras", which makes controlling a lot easier and more comfortable. Furthermore, the so-called "Car DVR mode" connects the HD Ghost to your vehicle or motorcycle and starts recording automatically when your engine starts or stops. Herewith the camera is also perfect for monitoring and insurance purposes. The time intervals at which each video is stored can be defined individually. Thus you can determine the length of your recordings yourself, what makes later editing much easier. For those who never want to miss a run, a rail, or a wave, "video tagging" is the ultimate feature. This mode stores the video temporarily by recording a continuous loop. If tagging is activated, you can bring a section of the video back from the past - with simply pushing a button. The interval can easily be predetermined (up to the last 5 minutes). Once "tagged", the HD Ghost will store the selected material on your MicroSD card. Result: You are able to save all your personal highlights on the memory card and at the same time free it of an unnecessarily high amount of video material. 1080p FULL HD - NOT A SINGLE BIT LESS The Drift HD Ghost provides crystal-clear Full HD images and stunning 11MP photos. The resolution is individually adjustable and can be extended up to 1080p (with a frame rate of up to 30 fps). Tip: Combine photo and video mode and shoot high-resolution images even during movie recording! No angles, no screws, no stress A great advantage of the HD Ghost is its super easy assembling. The 300° continuously rotatable lens allows you to mount the camera in all conceivable positions, and yet still provides a straight image. So just plug the camera into the mount, set the lens and get started - no angles, no screws! Don't miss a second An integrated 2 inches LCD display (protected by Corning Gorilla Glass) gives your HD Ghost another big plus when it comes to handling. Using the display makes it easy to frame your desired shot (helpful when mounting the camera). It also offers you the opportunity to manage your recordings directly afterwards and makes navigating within the camera menus incredibly comfortable. 3.5 Hours - the whole nine yards You're tired from changing your battery all the time? Or have you once again lost a great shot? With the HD Ghost you can get these worries off your mind. A powerful 1700 mAh battery provides an extended recording time of 3.5 hours and makes your HD Ghost one of the most powerful models in its class. Simple concept - many possibilities The principle of the Drift 2-Way Remote is simple but effective: Use the two buttons (also easily operated with gloves) to start or stop recording, or control multiple cameras simultaneously via the "One-to-All "mode. Shoot photos even while recording a video, use video-tagging, or simply switch between all the different camera modes - the colour of the remote control’s LED indicator will show the current mode. By connecting the camera via radio frequency (instead of Wi-Fi), Drift does besides help you to save valuable battery-life. Waterproof - without extra housing The Drift HD Ghost does not only resist dirt and rain without any problems - it is completely waterproof to 9 feet (3 m) without an extra housing. Want to dive deeper? No problem, just get yourself the optional waterproof case as soon as possible and take your HD Ghost up to 196 ft (60 m) down under the sea level!

Technical Details

  • Full HD 1080p video capture
  • MicroSD memory capacity up to 32GB
  • 60 fps video in 720p resolution and 120 fps video in WVGA resolution
  • 11-megapixel still image capture with Photoburst mode
  • Built-in noise reducing microphone, integrated speaker and 3.5mm mono plug input

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