DRY AIR Car/home Dehumidifier BAG Moisture Absorber/damp Eater 2 X 500gr Version


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as of 02/01/2023 (Details)

The Damp Eater Has been designed and assembled in The United Kingdom where we have one of the most unpredictable climates for damp in the world. This Model each have 500gr filled with silica .which is capable of holding upto 800g/l of moisture, or for those that are not technically minded about 80% of its own weight. a substantial amount that you don't now need to remove, with a cloth when you first get into your car.There is none of the difficulty removing it to store in your door shelf or parcel tray as we did not fit any sticking fasteners to mess up your dashboard, and we certainly would not recommend driving with it in place as this would be a danger,and by then it would have done its job anyway just get into the habit of leaving it on your dashboard when you park up for the night.The Damp eater is also fitted with a unique carrying handle for storage or to place in an additional place has it has many usages. The Damp Eater will also sit nicely on the rear parcel tray to keep your rear screen dry if you prefer to use it there instead,or why not buy two. You will know when it needs charging as you will feel its dampness. and soggy feel.Do not worry that the bag will break,they are the same bags used to carry shot lead by deep sea divers around the world.So are virtually indestructible. Just place the bag on a radiator of another surface for about 3 hrs, and the Damp Eater is ready for action again PLEASE CHEQUE THE FEED BACK ON THE OTHER VERSIONS AS TO HOW OUR COSTUMERS FEEL BECAUSE WE ARE ALWAYS IMPROVING AND IT TAKES TIME TO GET YOUR COMMENTS ON A NEW VERSION

Technical Details

  • Extremely Strong Virtually Indestructible Versatile bag That will not go soggy when it has absorbed the moisture
  • Very easy to regenerate, ( temp between 100c-120c) as an example on most radiators
  • as a unique carrying handle that will enable it to be hung anywhere 4 units to spread the moisture capture
  • Fitted with Velcro fasterner so the gel can be poured into a baking try and placed in the oven for about 2 hrs as this is the only way for full regeneration of silica .Can Also be used around the house or for helping to keeping camping and walking gear dry

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