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Dune contains the haunting southwest border-country flamenco music Ottmar and his band Luna Negra are famous for. This isn't old school Flamenco. Acoustic guitar mixes with electric, gypsy accordion, electric bass, funky drum-boxing and percussion. There's no rain in this music, just poetic sunshine at midnight.''I wanted to play guitar melodies that sounded sung'', says Ottmar. ''For some reason I kept thinking about old jazz and pop crooners. So I sang almost every melody first and then figured out how to play it on guitar. Perhaps it's guitar anti-shredding!'' What better analogy than Dune to describe Ottmar's passion for melody... an ever-changing landscape. From the sensual Smoke (Rising in Spirals) to the upbeat Sand (Apophenia), Dune delivers an alluring morphic beauty that is uniquely Ottmar's ''nouveau'' style.

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