Duragard® Arctic Blue Hydraulic Fluid – 2.5 Gallon Jug


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as of 05/19/2022 (Details)

Duragard® Arctic Blue Hydraulic Oil is an all weather hydraulic oil designed specifically to operate in extreme cold conditions. This hydraulic oil is designed for use in outdoor mobile or stationary hydraulic systems. Examples are snow plow cylinders, dock levelers, wheel chair lifts, auto transporter cylinders, outside cardboard compactors, hydraulic bulk bunk feeder trucks, liftgates, boom trucks, and many other applications. Duragard® Arctic Blue Hydraulic Oil is formulated with rust and oxidation inhibitors, anti-foam additives, as well as advanced anti-wear compounds that provide excellent antiwear performance, seal material compatibility, and protection against scoring. The oil is dyed Blue for identification. Duragard® Arctic Blue Hydraulic Oil is designed to lubricate the most demanding on highway, as well as off-highway low temperature applications. This oil is suitable for most automotive and industrial type low temperature hydraulic applications where the benefits of a Napthinic blended fluid can be optimized. Sealed containers of Arctic Blue Hydraulic oil are guaranteed to have a minimum dielectric strength of no less than 28 KV when packaged. This is important for boom trucks and manlifts that may come into contact with an external power source. Dielectric strength is extremely sensitive to handling conditions, contamination, and humidity

Technical Details

  • Designed for operation in extreme cold temperatures
  • Longer equipment life - Special additives protect metal surfaces against scuffing and wear
  • Smoother operation - Excellent frictional control assures efficient action of hydraulic system
  • Reduced downtime - Excellent compatibility with seals keeps leakage at a minimum.
  • Long life - Designed to withstand oxidation at high operating temperatures improving service life

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