Duragloss 471 Automotive Bug Remover – 22 oz.


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as of 11/30/2021 (Details)

Duragloss bug remover dissolves and removes bugs, oil and tar with ease. Duragloss bug remover works great on painted surfaces, fiberglass, chrome and glass. It will not harm clear coated paint or remove durable polishes. You don't have to strip off wax every time you remove a bug. Duragloss bug remover will not remove durable paint protection, such as their clear coat polish 111, sold separately, but Duragloss bug remover will safely remove insects, oil and tar from all your vehicle's exterior surfaces. Bug remains aren't just unsightly, the acids produced as the body breaks down can etch paint, metal, and glass. The best prevention is to remove bugs as quickly as possible, and definitely don't let them bake in the sun. At the first sight of bugs, tar, and oil spray the spots with Duragloss bug remover. It goes to work immediately to dissolve these contaminants and break their bond with the paint. Just spray, wait, and wipe. Some bug and tar removers are overly acidic and can eat right through waxes and paint sealants, and even remove bits of clear coat. Duragloss bug remover is so safe, it will not remove durable paint protection, such as sealants. Use Duragloss bug remover on your boat and RV as well. It safely removes bugs and tar on fiberglass and gel coats. Keep a bottle handy on long road trips to quickly remove the bug debris and sticky road grime before it makes a lasting impression on your paint finish. Remove the bugs, not your paint protection, with Duragloss bug remover.

Technical Details

  • Removes the bugs, not the wax
  • Safely removes insects, oil and tar from all your vehicles exterior surfaces
  • Dissolves bugs fast, removes oil and tar

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