EASY HANG (8FT) TREE SWING STRAP X1 – Holds 2200lbs. – Heavy Duty Carabiner – Bonus Spinner – Perfect for Tire and Saucer Swings – 100% Waterproof – Easy Picture Instructions – Carry Bag Included!


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EXPERIENCE THE ROYAL OAK DIFFERENCE! At Royal Oak, we set out to design and manufacture a tree swing strap kit that combines the most durable of materials and advanced safety features. Say goodbye to cheap rope and makeshift swing straps and say hello to your new best friend. So what makes our tree strap different? For starters, our strap is eight feet long and is made out of industrial grade nylon and can hold up to 1000 lbs. If you buy two straps, that's 2000 lbs. of weight capacity! Here are some more of the unique features of our elite tree strap system: ✓ Safer screw lock brass carabiner ✓ Able to withstand harsh winters and hot summers ✓ 100% waterproof ✓ Beautiful black color that will look great in your backyard ✓ 2 inch wide strap to prevent tree damage ✓ Smoother ride ✓ Easy cleaning and care ✓ Chemical resistant✓ Directions Included! So what types of swings will this tree strap kit fit? The great news is that our tree strap system will fit all types of tree swings! Here is just a sample of the types of swings that will work great with our straps: When you buy one strap: -Spinner swings -Tire swings -Disc swings -Web swings -Hammock swings When you buy two straps: -Classic swings -Garden swings -Toddler swings -Porch swings -Patio swings Featuring the Royal Oak Lifetime Warranty We are so confident in our products that we offer a no questions lifetime warranty. We pride ourselves in putting our customers first! If you're looking for ways to have more fun in your yard, then make sure to CLICK "Add to Cart" button right now, as this Royal Oak Swing Kit is nothing short of spectacular! BUY 2 OR MORE AND SAVE UP TO 20% OFF! See the promotions section above for savings up to 20% off!

Technical Details

  • Spinner/Swivel included starting 6/20/2017! DURABLE MATERIALS: The 8 foot strap is made of commercial grade nylon and is able to withstand harsh winters and brutal summers without showing signs of wear while the carabiner hook is made of industrial strength steel making it nearly indestructable.
  • ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES: Due to the high strength nylon we use in our tree swing kits, each strap holds up to 2200 pounds, and the spinner does too. To prevent the straps from coming off while swinging, we designed our carabiners to include a heavy duty screw lock.
  • FITS ALL SWING TYPES: A single strap is fantastic for spinner swings, tire swings, disc swings, web swings, and hammock swings. Purchase two straps for classic tree swings, garden swings, toddler swings, and porch/patio swings.
  • ULTIMATE TREE PROTECTION: At Royal Oak Tree Swings, we place a great emphasis on designing products that won't damage the beautiful trees on this beautiful planet. That is why we use a 2" nylon strap to wrap around the tree branch of your choice. Not only is this far safer for the tree but it's also safer for your children since it can handles greater loads.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY and 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Warranty provided by Royal Oak (easy registration after delivery), for our 100% Money Back guarantee and Quality guarantee you must purchase from Avendale Mall. It will say "Sold by Avendale Mall and Fulfilled by Amazon". Purchases from any other unauthorized seller under this listing will not qualify. Thank you for your understanding.

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