Easy Stick Window Sun Shades. 2 PACK. Bonus EXTRA SUCTION CUPS INCLUDED.


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as of 07/27/2021 (Details)

Give your family the ultimate in protection and safety with this quality, car side window shade. See images above. It provides SPF30 + protection from harmful UV rays while still providing clear window visibility for safety. Perfect for long car rides with kids, pets and seniors. Keep them cool while traveling. The sun shade adheres to the window glass with strong suction cups and it's fully-adjustable so it fits great on most car side windows. Order yours today and get our BONUS E-Book , "Taking Your Kids On an Adventure" PLUS we'll also include extra suction cups in case you do lose one. Order yours today!

Technical Details

  • Do you worry about the sun on your kids face and body ? How hot do you get sitting in the car? As seen on FOX NEWS, CBS, NBC, and ABC, the easiest and best Car Sun Shades to keep you cool; with a bonus amazon com kindle gift, ebook: "Taking Your Kids on an Adventure" ($9.89 Value) with Bonus EXTRA SUCTION CUPS INCLUDED.
  • Large 2 pack, with bonus easy stick suction cups. Heavy-duty car window shade, window shades for your baby and Pets with an SPF 30 helping to block harmful UV rays. The best for travel as the best travel accessories, keeping kids calm, especially when you can stop the glare on their iPad !
  • They are easy to apply and remove, just clip the cups onto the shade and push down. They are large and will fit most side car windows, 17" x 14". Help keep your passenger cool, even on the hottest days! With the strong suction action, your passenger can easily remove it and re-stick it, for better shading.
  • You can call it what every you like, a car shade, car sun shades, sun shades for car or car sun visor. Baby window shade, baby sun shade, car sun shades for kids, truck shade, sun shade for car window, window shade, window sunshade and or even eye sun shade. But we like to keep it simple.
  • ***BE HAPPY, ORDER NOW WITH PEACE OF MIND, YOU HAVE FOUND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ! Some say, Happy Wife Happy Life. The best buy from the Best sellers on Amazon

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